Cliff and Tabea Jacobs are slightly daunting in tandem because they deliver double-barrel dynamism.
Striving for excellence through understanding and practice!

PREAMBLE: Owners, Cliff and Tabea Jacobs, restored and converted their exquisitely beautiful 110 year-old manor house into an exclusive 5-star boutique hotel some years ago and have since gained an enviable reputation for the excellent quality of their product. Internationally acclaimed, Villa Belmonte stands as a monument to their unyielding commitment to all-embracing, finely detailed hospitality - a role model for similar establishments in South Africa!

Cliff Jacobs, a trained hotelier of 39 years standing - 21 of them as owner/operator of Villa Belmonte - and his multilingual and multi-degreed Swiss wife, Tabea, have been conducting experiential training at Villa Belmonte since 1998. Over 100 hospitality management students and aspiring chefs have been trained at Villa Belmonte since that time.

DIPLOMAS OFFERED: 3-year Diplomas in Hospitality Management or Culinary Arts are offered, although 1st or 2nd-year students who are not able to complete the full course, are awarded certificates after successfully completing 12-month periods of training and study. A student may commence either of the courses at any time throughout the year, with the proviso that, with the exception of any leave taken (see below), at least 11 consecutive months of experiential training and study must have been completed and the yearly written examination passed (with a minimum of a 60% pass-mark) at the end of a 12-month period.
3rd-year students receive experiential training at 2 other equivalent-level hotel properties (larger or similarly sized). Towards the end of the year, 3rd-year students have to prepare a thesis on a hotel-related topic, for which at least a 70% pass-mark must be obtained. Successful candidates are then awarded their diplomas.

COURSE DETAILS: Courses are conducted in English and embrace the full spectrum of successful boutique hotel or culinary arts management internationally. Hospitality Management students are trained in most hotel departments (i.e. front office, housekeeping, kitchen, food and beverages, maintenance and gardens, and accounts). Culinary arts students receive specialist experiential training in our kitchens and are also trained in our food and beverages department. Additional tuition is provided in Information Technology (including website design), Labour Relations, wine appreciation, interior design and decoration appreciation, and French recipe terminology. A basic German language course is expected be offered in the near future. Students receive training for 6.5 to 8 hours in the day or evening, 5 days weekly. Meals are offered free of charge to students whilst on duty.

During their 3 years of experiential training and study at Villa Belmonte, students are allowed 3 weeks annual break from their tuition after a 11-month continuous period of experiential training and study has been completed. To ensure that training standards are kept at a very high level, a maximum of only 20 students are accepted at Villa Belmonte at any one time.

COSTS: All textbooks and other related materials, a set of kitchen knives, and 3 sets of management and chef uniforms, are included in the prices of both our hospitality management and culinary arts courses, as detailed below. All prices are inclusive of VAT and are usually payable in advance of the commencement of any 11-month period of experiential training and study.

Note that prices quoted are not expected to increase in 2011 and 2012, although Villa Belmonte does reserve the right to increase prices, should circumstances so dictate.


1st year: R 35,000 (thirty-five thousand rands)

2nd year: R 29,000 (twenty-nine thousand rands)

3rd year: R 9,000 (nine thousand rands)

Note that, in line with our philosophy of ensuring affordability of our courses, students are PAID a travel allowance of R 1,800.00 per month during their 2-year training period at Villa Belmonte.

This results in the the above-mentioned prices effectively being reduced to well below comparative hospitality courses offered in South Africa currently (i.e. R 73,000.00 (gross total payable) - R 43,200 (paid to the student at R 1,800 monthly over 24 months) = R 29,800 (net total payable, a saving of almost 60%!). Villa Belmonte's owners and senior management enjoy cordial relationships with many other hotel establishments throughout Southern Africa and are therefore able to ensure that 3rd-year students receive a travel allowance of at least R 1,800.00 a month from the hotels wherein their experiential training is being conducted. This, of course, reduces course costs even further.

CONTACT US: For an interview, please contact Cliff Jacobs personally at or at the below-mentioned telephone or fax numbers. Register now!

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